This is a list of lectures and papers prepared by Professor Roland Paxton. To view simply click on a title.

  1. Adam Hunter (1869-1933) ‘Engineer Extraordinaire’ (Clydebank Titan Crane). Public Lecture at Clydebank Town Hall 19 August 2013.
  2. James Ferguson: Lecture to the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society 22 April 2010.
  3. Historic Civil Engineering in the U.K.: EWRI Friends Visit London, York, Edinburgh, Arbroath, and Glasgow for Titan Crane Landmark Ceremony. August 2013.
  4. Historical Engineering Works Evolution in the Scottish Built Environment. October 2009.
  5. Conserving Scotland’s Civil Engineering Transport Heritage – A Personal Perspective 8 April 2014.
  6. Transport Infrastructure Landmarks in Britain 1760-1890.
  7. Building Bridges Basics – a presentation at Burntisland Primary School 16 Jan 2014.
  8. Creation of the Bell Rock Lighthouse 1807-11 – Achieving the seemingly impossible! Lecture to the British Science Association in Edinburgh 4 Nov 2013.
  9. Achieving the Seemingly Impossible – Bell Rock Railway 1810.
  10. A Grand Design: Creation of the Bell Rock Lighthouse 1807-11.
  11. Union Chain Bridge 1820 – its origin, significance and future. A talk to The Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club at Hutton Parish Hall on 20 May 2015.
  12. John Rennie’s Improvement of Scotland’s Infrastructure 1779-1821.
  13. John Rennie in Scotland 1779-1821 Society of Antiquaries of Scotland after dinner presentation on 30 November 2012.
  14. Scotland’s Historical Engineering Landmarks Lecture at IDA [Danish Society of Engineers] Kalvebod Brygge Copenhagen 22 Oct 2013
  15. Danish Tour of Scottish Historical Engineering Works 2012.
  16. Thomas Telford ‘Colossus of Roads’ 1757 – 1834.
  17. Telford and Craigellachie Bridge 200, ‘Something like a spider’s web’. Lecture at Craigellachie Village Hall on 1 November 2014.
  18. Telford’s Iron Bridge Mastery Telford. The Royal Society of Edinburgh 250th Anniversary Conference 2007.
  19. Union Chain Bridge’s Historical Engineering Significance.
  20. Historic Landmark Recognition for Ballochmyle Viaduct.
  21. Discussion on the History of Edinburgh Wooden Water Pipes at Edinburgh College of Art in January 2019.
  22. John Rennie and the Bell Rock Lighthouse.
  23. Supporting the conservation of Union Chain … including use of a new radar imaging spectrometer to locate its Scottish anchorages.
  24. The Sea versus Wick Breakwater 1863-77: an instructive disaster. Presented at the 9th International Coasts Marine Structures and Breakwaters Conference 16-18 September 2009.
  25. Letter written by James Watt to his cousin May Campbell dated 01 October 1781.
  26. Creation of the Bell Rock Lighthouse 1807-11. History of the Built Environment Lecture 29 October 2010.
  27. Refurbishment of Linlathen Bridge, Dundee, Scotland’s oldest surviving iron bridge. To Dundee Civic Trust 2006, updated on completion for an ICE Scotland lecture in 2013.
  28. The Bell Rock Lighthouse Railway 1808 and its Significance. Presented to the Fifth International Early Railways Conference at Caernarfon on 9th June 2012.
  29. John Scott Russell’s anti-vibration proposal for suspension bridge decks.
    Presentation at the Construction History Society’s John Scott Russell bicentenary lecture at the Institution of Civil Engineers, Westminster, on 21.5.08.
  30. Historic-Berwick-upon-Tweed-Bridges [With minor additions to January 2023]. A paper dedicated to Members of the American Society of Civil Engineers History and Heritage Committee on 27 October 2018, to enhance their bridges tour organised by The Friends of the Union Chain Bridge and the Institution of Civil Engineers as a bicentennial tribute to its foresight in 1968 in forming a Monuments Committee, that soon developed into the Panel for Historical Engineering Works (PHEW) .
  31. Tordarroch Bridge, Farr, Strath Nairn – its origin? IIE H-WU July 2022. Also published in Strathnairn News magazine August 2022. See also paper No 40.
  32. Clerk Maxwell’s Reciprocal Figures for determining forces in framed structures. EGIS H-WU 2015. Also published in poster format by the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation and framed in its library.
  33. Cay, William Dyce {1838-1925), Civil Engineer James Clerk Maxwell’s Mathematical Cousin. EGIS H-WU 2015. Also published in the James Clerk Maxwell Foundarion Newsletter No.5 Spring 2015.
  34. Conservation of the 1811 Railway Viaduct at Laigh Milton, Scotland’. Tokyo 1996. Japan Soc. of Civ. Engrs. Historical Studies in Civil Engineering, 16, 1996 [ISSN 0915-7293].
  35. Confirming a West Highland Viaduct Legend. SBE Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. 24 July 2008. 4. Relates to the author’s search for horse and cart remains entombed in a West Highland Railway extension viaduct during construction c.1899. Includes images inside Glenfinnan Viaduct and of Loch-nan-Viaduct where the remains were discovered using radar.
  36. An Engineering Assessment of the Kilmarnock and Troon Railway [1807-45]. First International Railways Conference, Durham University, 2001.
  37. Conservation of Laigh Milton Viaduct, Ayrshire. Min. Proc. ICE. 1997.
  38. Conservation of Historical Engineering Works” JSCE, Tokyo 2010, 216-22 Laigh Milton Viaduct, translated into Japanese by Dr Hiroshi Isohata.
  39. John Rennie and the Bell Rock Lighthouse. Northern Lighthouse Board Journal, Winter 2021, 25-28.
  40. Tordarroch Bridge, Farr, Strath Nairn – Its origin. Strathnairn News Magazine 121 Aug. 2022, 20-23. See also paper No 31.
  41. ‘The proposed refurbishment of Union Chain Bridge, UK.’ Bridge & Foundation Magazine, Japan, Sept. 2018. Enlarged from its first publication in Jan. 2015.
  42. Paxton, R. An appraisal of Dalhousie iron viaduct (1830-46) on the Edinburgh & Dalkeith Railway extension, Heriot-Watt University, 1998.