Who manages the museum?

The museum is managed by a committee chaired by Professor David McGuigan. The committee reports annually to the Scotland Region of the Institution of Civil Engineers. The collection is on loan to Heriot-Watt University.

Where is the museum?

The museum collection is located in and around the William Arrol Building of the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society (EGIS) at the Edinburgh Campus of Heriot-Watt University.

Can I visit the museum?

Yes, visitors are most welcome to drop in and view the collection at any time (Mondays – Fridays only). If you would like to organise a guided tour please contact David McGuigan (icescotmuseum@virginmedia.com), Derek Chambers (icemuseum100@gmail.com) or John Andrew (icescotmuseum@gmail.com).

If you wish to visit by yourself, an electronic flipbook leaflet guide to the museum has been published. It includes information on some key exhibits together with a suggested route for a visit.  A downloadable PDF version is available here.

Printed versions of the leaflets are available to pick up from a dispenser in the main museum area on the ground floor level at the east end of the William Arrol Building.

How many items are in the collection?

There are currently just over 520 items.

What types of items are in the collection?

The collection includes a wide range of items including surveying equipment, materials, structural elements, measuring/testing devices, calculators and computers, drawing office equipment, letters, portraits, models, portraits, road furniture, tools, photographs and some printed matter. There are a number of items relating to the three Forth bridges at Queensferry.

Can I donate to the museum?

Yes. The curators are always happy to consider any item offered as donation. Please contact Professor David McGuigan (icescotmuseum@virginmedia.com), Derek Chambers (icemuseum100@gmail.com) or John Andrew (icescotmuseum@gmail.com).

Please note that we are generally unable to accept books or other printed matter unless they complement an item or items in the collection.

Can I view items not on display?

Yes. We are always pleased to offer visitors the facility to see items that are not on display or indeed to handle – where appropriate – items that are on display. If you have such a request please contact Professor David McGuigan (icescotmuseum@virginmedia.com), Derek Chambers (icemuseum100@gmail.com) or John Andrew (icescotmuseum@gmail.com) to arrange a visit.