Wrought iron lining-up pin found on the Laigh Milton Viaduct


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Wrought iron lining-up pin found on top of arch No.1 of the Laigh Milton Viaduct on the Kilmarnock & Troon Railway. The pin was found on 8 March 1996 set into a joint of the arch.

This object was found during the Laigh Milton Viaduct Conservation Project (1995-1996). The viaduct, believed to be the world’s oldest on a public railway, was the work of leading civil engineer William Jessop. The double-track, horse-operated railway was opened in 1812, mainly for the export of coal, although it soon carried passengers. In 1816 it was the first railway in Scotland to operate with a Stephenson steam locomotive; nine years before the Stockton & Darlington.
Numerous significant railway relics were found during the restoration and this is just one of a number of them donated to ICE Scotland Museum.

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Lining-up pin

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c. 1810



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Pin: 130 (L). Shaft: 9 x 9. Head (domed): 16 x 16.


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December 1977


Wrought iron


Poor to fair (rust damage)

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