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Scale model of the Wallsend Slipway 150 ton giant crane

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A 1:30 scale model of the Wallsend Slipway 150 ton giant hammerhead cantilever (Titan) crane made by Dr Brian Newman. The crane was built by Sir William Arrol & Co Ltd at a cost of £27,440 being completed in March 1910.

The majority of the model is made from Meccano with other pieces fashioned from steel or aluminium strips.

Also donated with the model is a collection of papers, catalogues and a book.

Sir Willam Arrol & Co Ltd Catalogues:

  • Cranes and Transporters, Hydraulic Pumps, Presses, Riveters, &c. Gas Retort Charging Machinery and Mechanical Production.
  • Temperley Portable and Radial Transporters (1909).
  • Giant Cantilever Cranes (c.1960) (Photocopy).
  • Picture Gallery (1913) (Photocopy).
  • 40 tons Capacity Erection Creane (c.1965).
  • Sir William Arrol & Co Ltd 1909-1950 A record, compiled by Mr H Cunningham, Chairman of the Company, traces the outline of Arrol’s history as a business during the years 1909 to 1950 (c.1951) (Photocopy).
  • Catalogue (part) (1932) (Photocopy).
  • Arrol: a name that spans the earth (Undated). (Photocopy).

Book  (by Brian Newman):

  • NEWMAN, B. A Work of Titans / A History of the Swan Hunter Floating Cranes, Titan, Titan II & Titan III. Brian Newman, 2012.


  • Sir William Arrol – A Biographical Sketch of the Great Bridge Builder. AS Biggart, Cassier’s Magazine, Vol XV No 1, pp 2-19, November 1898. (Photocopy).
  • Andrew S Biggart, Obituary. Shipbuilding and Shipping Record 3 May 1917 p 435. (Photocopy).
  • Thomas Arrol, Obituary. Shipbuilding and Shipping Record 28 August 1918 p 265. (Photocopy).

The papers include a miscellanous selection of crane lists and photocopies of associated materials including:

  • Hand written table titled “Sir William Arrol Giant Cranes”. (Undated). The list provides (Completion) Year, Customer, Max Load, Height of Lift, Working Radius, Slew Roller Path and Remarks.
  • Various handwritten Minutes of Meetings of Directors of Sir Willam Arrol & Co Ltd. (1910-1914). (Photocopy).

This model may also be of interest to Mecanno aficionados – a crane of this type was featured in a 1928 Meccano Book of New Models (see image).

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Scale model of the Wallsend Slipway 150 ton hammerhaed crane

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Papers, catalogues and a book

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