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Measuring gauge in brass of unknown purpose

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Measuring gauge in brass of unknown purpose. The device is 360 mm long and is in three sections. the middle section is 30 mm wide and 178 mm (exactly 7 inches?) long offset from the two end sections by 28 mm by two brass plates and screws. The two end sections are 28 mm wide and of different lengths of 130 and 205 mm. The longer end has a measuring gauge with one fixed arm and a movable arm operated by a brass screw. It is graduated from 0 to 4 inches but may be designed to measure dimensions between only between 2 and 4 inches as it is graduated in inches between 0 and 4 inches and in 32nds between 2 and 4. On the movable arm there is a further small graduated arm pointing inside of 1 inch length graduated in 32nds.

It may be that the device was used to measure wear. The original dimension may be set on the main scale and the object then presented to the gauge. Use of the smaller graduated arm may then be used to measure wear or change of dimension.

The Hutchison label inside the box does not refer to the manufacturer; Hutchison took the Forest Row address in 1942, and the instrument is considerable older than that.  The velvet mounts in the box are nineteenth rather than twentieth century. Also an examination of the material, finish and style of engraving, suggests that the instrument is much earlier – possibly even early enough to be by Edward Sang (1805-1890).

If anyone recognises this instrument or has an idea of its purpose please contact the museum.

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Measuring gauge in brass of unknown purpose

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c. 1900


Wooden box

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620 x 140 x 40 (box)


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March 1997


Brass, Unknown



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