16 in dumpy level made by W. & S Jones, 30 Holborn, London


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16 in dumpy level in brass comprising telescope with bubble level slung beneath mounted over a limb containing a compass with silvered dial engraved “W. & S Jones 30 Holborn / London” (as retailer). 4-screw levelling head. In fitted case. Used for measuring vertical distances between points in conjunction with a levelling staff. This instrument was used for levelling in Leith Docks. The tripod is marked “Leith Dock Commission”.

For the tripod see https://ice-museum-scotland.hw.ac.uk/product/1973-035-1/.

Rack and pinion focusing of the objective; fixed graticule (wire missing); push focus erecting eyepiece. Objective cap and optional shade tube. Compass divided into degrees. Combined level axis and parallel plate but with provision in the case for the axis to remain mounted below the line. The parallel plate screws must be partly withdrawn for the plate to fit the case, Turned wooden ring of unknown purpose. Trade label for “W. & S. JONES. / Opticians &c / No. 30 Lower Holborn, / LONDON

Letters on file relate to the manufacture of this item. It was exhibited at the “Exhibition of Civil Engineering Works”, Glasgow, 21 September – 23 October 1977.

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16 in dumpy level

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c. 1830


Box and tripod (in Store Room)

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Engraved "W & S Jones 30 Holborn/LONDON" and "LEITH DOCK COMMISSION". The tripod is marked "LEITH DOCKS COMMISSION".

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495 x 105 x 185. Case 520 x 170 x 115. Tripod height (closed) 1580.


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June 1973




Good – showing signs of wear

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